Homeopathy is a system of healing that works in harmony with nature; it strengthens the body’s own attempts to heal itself. It is based on the law ‘like cures like’. This is explained as follows: when an onion is given to a healthy person, s/he soon experiences symptoms eg. watery discharges from eyes, nose, burning eyes, sneezing. When this substance – highly diluted and potentized – is given to a person who displays these symptoms eg. a cold; it will cure these symptoms. Homeopathic remedies have no side-effects, do not cause dependency and can be safely and effectively used along conventional medicine.

Health is not just the absence of ill-health. Being healthy means actively and creatively participating in our community and reaching our full potential. When ill-at-ease or diseased we loose these active and creative qualities and instead choose to be ‘under the doctor’. We give the responsibility of our health to another person and so disempower ourselves. We need to take responsibility for our own health and actively participate in our own recovery and so re-empower ourselves. In homeopathy homeopath and patient together review the patient’s past and present life situation; the patient takes the remdy, monitores him/herself and discuss any changes with the homeopath.

Swine flu

Homeopathy has a very good trackrecord for treating serious flu symptoms. During the Spanish flu in 1918 the deathrate for patients treated in conventional hospitals in Ohio was 28.2% (out of 24.000 cases); that for homeopathic hospitals was 1.5% (out of 26,000 cases.) The figures for the UK at that time were similar (there are 5 homeopathic hospitals in the UK delivering healthcare by the NHS). To convince yourselves more of the effectiveness of homeopathy re. epidemic flu google: 'Spanish flu homeopathy). To find out more about homeopathy in general "click here" (PDF/ 50Kb)

When you do catch the flu a 30 min. acute consultation (can be by phone) is required to establish the remedy that most closely corresponds to you flu symptoms. A chronic illness requires a 90 min. consultation.

Like in all illnesses: prevention is better than cure. So stay healthy by strengthening your immune system:



For chronic illnesses you should consult an homeopath. However you can do a lot for yourself with a small number of remedies. There are different types of homeopathic kits available. Most contain about 18 remedies and a comprehensive self-prescribing guide to help you choose a remedy. You can buy them from me or from a good homeopathic pharmacy. The Basic Home kit contains most of the remedies you will ever need eg. Belladonna for very high fever and headache; Gelsemium for flu and anxiety; Pulsatilla for fever, earinfections and eye problems.Other types of kits are:

First Aid kit contains amongst others: Arnica for bruises, Hypericum for injuries, Ruta for sprains and strains. Travellers’ kit with eg. Arnica for jetlag and motion sickness; Arsenicum for foodpoissoning and digestive upsets; Bryonia for sunstroke and constipation. The Childbirth kit contains remedies for use before, during and after labour, eg. Ipecac for morning sickness; Kali phos for mental, emotional and physical exhaustian during labour; Phytolacca for infected, sore or cracked nipples whilst breastfeeding.

Homeopathic remedies for:

When on holiday: Motion sickness (car, boat, train, plane): Cocculus
Jetlag: Arnica, Cocculus; Fear of flying: Argentum Nit.
Sunburn: Cantharis, Belladonna; Sunstroke: Belladonna
When injured: Burn (BBQ !): Cantharis
Bruises, mental & physical blows (concussion): Arnica
Punctured wounds (incl.splinters): Hypericum & Ledum
Nerve injuries (coccyx, tip of fingers,toes): Hypericum
Sprain & strain of muscles & tendons (overlifting): Rhus.tox.
When bitten by: Insects in general, bee, mosquito: Apis, Ledum, Hypericum
Wasp: Apis, Ledum.
Anaphylactic shock: Apis (200)
Immunization: against thyphoid, cholera, hepatitis A & B, maleria, tetanus etc.
Requires a homeopathic consultation

Take the above mentioned remedies in potency 30 unless otherwise stated.
When in doubt: consult a homeopathic practitioner.

I work in Guildford at the Castle Street Clinic, at Fairlands Medical Centre and from home or do homevisits, which is especially useful for children.

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