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for Guildford and surrounding areas: Godalming, Haslemere, Woking, etc.


This is a 1-day workshop especially for people who feel demoralized about the state of the Earth. It will give you tools to encourage, strengthen and inspire yourselves to be (more) actively involved in  making the world a more humane and caring place. It takes place on Saturday 19 March 2016 at Pucks Oak Barn, The Street, GU3 1EG, in Compton nr. Guildford, from 10 am till 4.30 pm.

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I practice at the Castle Street Clinic and at home in Guildford.

Go to 'homeopathy' to find out more about this effective and scientific system of healing.


At present I am designing a course that combines meditation with resilience building.

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Celebrating the Earth

Life is amazing. All life is utterly dependent upon Mother Earth for everything it needs. And yet we have caused so much damage to our planet. Reversing the earth's deterioration is not simply about planting more trees or providing fresh water. Our failure to live sustainably is not the cause; it is a symptom. The cause is our (wrong) assumptions and belief about how the planet functions. We have to change our attitudes towards the Earth and beliefs in the nature of our being.
We assume ourselves to be separate and a special specie rather being part of Nature. So we have come to take from the earth as our right rather than to receive with a humble appreciation. We use the Earth as a cesspool and a storage place rather that as a beautiful, conscious and living Being.

We need to renew our relationship by becoming aware of the beauty of the natural world, appreciating that Mother Earth supplies us literally with everything we need, including everything we need to heal ourselves.
We need to relearn to listen to nature spirits who can guide us in our gardening and other daily activities and revive the Creation stories to remind us of the divine life in its many forms. By participating in the celebration we experience joy enabling us to reveal the beauty of ourselves and all Life around us.

I am planning a 1-day workshop out in the woods to Celebrate the Earth.

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