The NatuRELAX course..

This 8-week course is based on yoga, breathing, meditation and deep relaxation and teaches your qualities to become mindful.

One of the most important qualities is 'letting go' as can be shown as follows: in India monkeys are caught by placing a banana in a coconutshell. When the monkey grips the banana it is caught. Just by letting go of the banana it would be free again. Likewise you can free yourself by letting of your emotional and material attachments.

Rather than relying on professionals (GP, hypnotherapist, etc), you can re-empower yourself by taking your life in your own hands and actively participate in your own recovery through:

Basic yoga

Stretching allows the body to release tension, enabling free flow of energy throughout the body.

Improved breathing

Mind and breath are closely related; by relaxing the breath we can relax the mind.
Deep breathing also energizes the body, giving us strength and perseverance.

Meditation or Being Mindful

When in stress, pain, etc. we seldom just experience the original stressor. In time we have added to this our aversions, anxiety, fear, etc. which increased our distress. By just focussing on the stressor we can let go of the accumulated discomforts. In time we might be able to transform the original stressor into a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block.

Deep relaxation

Most coping mechanisms are based on ignoring or pushing away the pain/stress rather than facing it. During deep relaxation we can learn to relax body, mind and spirit in order to release and finally let go of these stresses.

Apart from the above mentioned activities, every week we will look at a related subject e.g. sleep, stress, life-style, work, emotional and physical pain
The most important requirement for the course is commitment to practice. Then at the end of the course you will have a set of tools to enable you to handle effectively life’s trials and tribulation. With the tapes you can continue to improve your skills at home.

There will be a follow-up workshop about 1 month after the last workshop.

Course Availability

There are 2 courses running parallel: on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. They start at the beginning of each term: in September, January and April.
Before the start of the course you will be invited for an interview sothat I will be aware of your needs.

Cost: £130 (including 3 CD's and a follow-up workshop)
Concessions are available.
Please get in touch if you have any queries about starting date of the next course or would like to book on a course.

Course Location

The course is held at:

Castle Street Clinic
36-37 Castle Street,

Please visit the Castle Street Clinic website for more information about the location.

Contact the Guildford-Woking Complementary Health website for more information on local therapists:

Comments from people who have done the course

"Very good for mindfulness, yoga and relaxation. Really liked the CDs, a nice surprise and very helpful"
"Joanna's course is great for getting past your chattering mind and discovering peace within"
"This is the best way to start meditating and to feel the benefits of stilling the mind"
"Excellent course as long as they can dedicate the time to practice during and after the course"
"Joanna cares for your learning; not only during the session but also ensures that it will benefit you beyond that"
"All in all, the course was wonderful; you were wonderful, caring and stayed focused on your agenda"
"If you have a busy mind and you need to learn /relearn how to take time and breath and be with yourself - this is the course for you"
" How beneficial it is for your wellbeing and mental health"
"I loved it ! Thank you; thank you indeed"
James Smileys

"Happiness is determined more by the state of one's mind than by external conditions."

Dalai Lama in The Art of Happiness.